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Show Your Support for Health Care Reform and Free Give-Away

Support for health care reform is growing. The current bill would end denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions and to help curb costs, it would also require all Americans to get coverage and it has measures to try to reduce overall medical costs. The news is abuzz with new-found support for the bill. (more...)

Polls on Health Care explained by Colbert

Stephen Colbert does a fantastic job showing how polls work and includes an interview with Scott Rasmussen about polls on health care reform. I think something they forget to talk about is this: what percentage of the people who say they don't like the current bill wish it would have done more? According to Steven Kull there are about 17% of people who disapprove of the current bill because they wanted it to include more...not less. (more...)

Are We Opposed to Health Care Reform?

I keep hearing republicans say that American's are against health care reform. I know this doesn't represent my view. Does it represent yours? Other polls show that some of the opposition to the current bill is that it doesn't go far enough. (more...)


There's a lot of sensationalism in health care reform language: death panels, rationing care, government-run health care. These are all examples of sensationalism in the health care reform debate that's been causing a lot of angst. The thing is, they're based on misinformation. (more...)

Is Health Care Reform Important?

I've read and heard lately that health care reform is dead, but I have a hard time believing this. Most people I talk to say that the anticipated outcomes of health care reform are still relevant. There are currently nearly 15 million unemployed Americans right now and more layoffs are expected each month. (more...)


Should there be more transparency in the health care reform debate? If so, did the Health Care Summit make a difference? (more...)