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Healing Medicine

I watched a recent TED talk by Dr. Gawande and was surprised to see how closely his recommendations correlated with the concepts of the Patient Centered Medical Home. (more...)

Decoding Your Medical Bill

Who's to blame for America's rising health care costs? Some would like to blame patients' unhealthy living choices. However, there's more to the story than that. (more...)

Eric Topol Talks About Smartphones and Healthcare

I think most TED Talks are fascinating, but this one really caught my attention. It features leading cardiologist Eric Topol talking about using technology to aid in chronic disease management. He describes that soon we'll all be using smartphones to monitor vital signs and chronic conditions. Dr. Topol's talk showcases innovative wireless devices in medicine's future. (more...)

Medication Management

Studies show that when patients adhere to medication management plans, it saves the system money and helps patients meet therapy goals. This article provides insight on how primary care practices can work with their patients to improve medication management. (more...)

Innovations in Healthcare

California announced recently that they're taking major steps to be a part of the change needed by the US healthcare system. They're launching a new "telehealth" system that will connect people in the state to the best healthcare regardless of location. (more...)

How Doctors are Paid: A Calorie is not a Calorie

The more doctors you have in your area, the higher the cost of care. That is the case for many US cities according to Dartmouth Atlas data. Some states are addressing this problem by what appears to be the "calorie is not a calorie" rule. (more...)

Show Your Support for Health Care Reform and Free Give-Away

Support for health care reform is growing. The current bill would end denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions and to help curb costs, it would also require all Americans to get coverage and it has measures to try to reduce overall medical costs. The news is abuzz with new-found support for the bill. (more...)