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Practice Transformation

Nature is a metaphor for inspiration in many venues including Practice Transformation. This article provides inspiration and tips for practices going through the Patient-Centered Medical Home transformation process. (more...)

PCMH Recognition: Maintaining Momentum

Keeping the flame burning throughout the PCMH Recognition process can be a daunting task. This post shares some favorite tips from my work with practices on their Patient-Centered Medical Home journey. (more...)

Top 5 Hidden PCMH Benefits

Lots of practices are either currently involved in or thinking about earning recognition as a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH). It's not necessarily an easy process to go through, but yet according to the National Committee on Quality Assurance, they're receiving many new applications each month. It definitely takes some courage to embark on this process. The application can be time-consuming and lengthy, with some practices taking over a year to produce reports, fill out the application, provide supporting documentation and finally submitting the application. Learn why practices are going through this process without even the promise of increased reimbursement. It has to do with both the celebrated and hidden benefits. (more...)

Improving Patient Cycle Time

Hang around any medical practice and you’ll hear a lot of industry specific lingo. One frequently used term is Cycle Time. No, the practice isn’t planning a long bicycle ride, they’re referring to the amount of time on average a patient spends at a visit, from the moment they walk in the door until the time they leave. This article provides tips on how to improve cycle time for your medical practice. (more...)

Making Meetings Effective

How can your medical practice meetings more effective and productive? This article gives tips on how to run effective medical practice meetings. (more...)

Patient Experience Surveys

Do you know how patients feel about your practice? Getting feedback from customers (your patients) is an important part of the success of any business. But beyond just being smart business, it's also an important step to ensuring high quality care provided in a safe and caring environment. This article gives advice on how to do it. (more...)

Leadership Skills

It's an unusual question, but ask yourself this, what do you need to STOP doing in order to improve your leadership skills? Leading a medical practice can be both complicated and stressful. This article provides tips on how to improve leadership skills by learning what interpersonal behaviors to eliminate. (more...)