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Why We Need Health Reform

This is a guest post by Dr. Joshua Freeman, a family physician, educator and author of the blog, Medicine and Social Justice. As we wait to see if the President’s health reform bill passes, it is a good time to review the actual core reasons why we need health reform. I believe that this will help ground us, and allow us to evaluate both whatever finally passes, and help us ignore the political posturing and maneuvering that distract us from them. (more...)

6 Myths Framing the Health Care Debate

This is a guest post from Dr. Doug Iliff, a family physician who practices in Topeka, KS. He writes about six myths that are framing the health care debate such as rationing care and consumer empowerment. Myth 1: President Obama is trying to pull a fast one. He wants to ration care based on medical evidence. In fact, medical services are rationed now in any number of ways - including, but not limited to, ability to pay, insurance approval, location, transportation, attitudes of relatives and competence of medical professionals. (more...)

WE the People

By Susan Wilder, MD. On a beautiful fall day in Washington, DC, President Obama convened over 100 physicians and medical students in the White House Rose Garden to emphasize physician’s role in healthcare reform and call us to action. Physicians, selected due to our efforts on health reform over many years, came from every state of the union, representing multiple specialties, with diverse backgrounds and even more diverse opinions. Despite our differences, we all agree upon the need for meaningful comprehensive healthcare reform this year as our collective “patient,” the healthcare system, is gravely ill with systemic diseases that have festered for far too long. (more...)