Facilitating Your Way to PCMH

There are many ways to get your practice or group of practices to Patient-Centered Medical Home, but recent evidence shows that Facilitating Your Way to PCMH may be the best. I like to compare PCMH Facilitation to a certain kind of golf tournament called a scramble.

A photo of a person playing golf

Golf 101

It doesn’t sound enticing, does it? Scrambling usually means you’re running behind or disorganized. Or worse yet, the opposite of sunny side up.

In a golf tournament, however, a scramble format simply means all the players get to begin at the same time, but on different holes of the course. That way the tournament gets going with everyone starting at the same time, rather than each player waiting to begin at hole number one.

That’s how it can be with PCMH Facilitation as well. Sometimes it’s tempting to begin with the one or two practices you know are ready to go and let the rest wait for their turn. However, with a little expert facilitation at the ready, you can get everyone making progress at the same time.

PCMH: Begin at the Beginning

I recommend beginning with a PCMH Baseline Assessment to better understand each practice you’re working with and where they fall on the PCMH continuum.

I also recommend beginning by getting yourself a copy of AHRQ’s recent workbook on PCMH Facilitation.

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) recently had this to say about the topic of practice facilitation, “A growing body of evidence supports the concept of practice facilitation as an effective strategy to improve primary health care processes and outcomes, including the delivery of wellness and preventive services, through the creation of an ongoing, trusting relationship between an external facilitator and a primary care practice. Practice facilitation activities may focus in particular on helping primary care practices become medical homes, but they can also help practices in more general quality improvement and redesign efforts.”

I was pleased to be a part of AHRQ’s expert panel that contributed to the development of this most recent guidebook, Developing and Running  a Primary Care Practice Facilitation Program: A How-to Guide. If you’re developing a PCMH Program and you’re interested in using facilitators as part of that process, you’re going to find this to be a very helpful guide along the way.

The workbook includes the following about practice facilitation:

  • Evidence supporting its effectiveness
  • Hiring your practice facilitators, including core competencies to look for in candidates
  • Creating a curriculum, including educational approaches and strategies
  • Creating performance metrics and tracking success

PCMH Resources

The resources at the end of the workbook include job descriptions, tools for assessing a practice’s readiness to change, articles and presentations.

AHRQ is committed to providing additional resources on Patient-Centered Medical Home, including webinars focused on Practice Facilitator concepts. I participated in presenting on the May 30 webinar on Designing and Evaluating Your Facilitation Work. You can check that one out or sign up for future webinars as well.

The good news is I’m certain this book can be helpful in your PCMH Facilitation process. The bad news? I doubt it will do much for your golf game, but hey, at least you know the finer concepts of a scramble tournament.

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