Your Health, Your Business

110089594722It is not fair to ask of others what you are unwilling to do yourself. — Eleanor Roosevelt

A word to Patients

The word “patient” is a complicated one. It is a name given to people who are in need of help and therefore it creates a sort of passive role for the person given that title. As a result, patients often end up feeling like victims.

But the idea of “patient as passive participant” seems to be changing. Patients are becoming more like informed consumers of health care when it comes to matters of their health and wellness.

So let me ask you this question, what does your health care have in common with a business?

Answer? A lot! Think about it this way. A product is developed, fostered, and promoted by a business. Successful products are usually the result of careful planning and business acumen. A talented team of individuals are usually involved in the development and delivery of the product.

Similarly, good health can be looked at as a product that results from carefully planned health care. Quality health care should mean more than just scheduling an appointment with your doctor when you’re sick. As Hannah Green says, “Health is not simply the absence of sickness.”

As a consumer of health care, it’s important to develop a strong working relationship with a health care team to develop a successful, proactive strategy for maintaining your health, not just restoring lost health.

Sustaining Growth.

Successful businesses develop processes to nurture steady growth. Imagine a business that has your personal good health as its product. You have the opportunity to develop, foster, and achieve good health through “active involvement” which not only includes, but thrives on your participation.

Be the CEO

Now imagine yourself as the CEO of your personal good health company. As CEO, you assume responsibility of your health and one way of doing that is by putting together your team of health care providers.

Looking at your personal health like a CEO managing a business can provide you with a proactive outlook about your health.

You are an important member of your health care team, just like your doctor, the nurses, and staff. Together you can learn about and use tools for producing good health and receiving quality health care for your life and your family.

2 Responses to “Your Health, Your Business”

  1. Josh Freeman says:

    Nice concept! (of course, folks have to have some sense of what managing a business and being a CEO is!)

  2. Marly McMillen Beelman says:

    Good point, Josh! I intend to continue with a series of posts on this topic. Hopefully in the end it will provide more info on being a CEO and how those skills can help patients in being a member of their health care team. Thanks for your comment! Marly

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